Depending on the ranch setup, an ordinary ranch is called a guest ranch or a dude ranch if it accepts tourists or attends to them. The main intention to go to a dude ranch is to spend the vacation time in a natural habitat like pastures, valleys etc. Further dude ranches offer a variety of ranching activities for people who visit there.

Dude ranches come in various kinds. In the working, the tourists get a chance to participate in the day to day activities in the ranch while lodging there. People, who like to experience the culture of the west by delving deep into it, find the working ranches a great place to spend their vacations.

This gives them a hang of what ranching is all about. The routine affairs of working ranches include cattle handling and gardening and the tourists who visit the working ranches are asked to participate in these activities.

Another form of is called the riding. The prime focus of this is horse riding. It doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran horse rider or a novice. The riding ranches have facilities to provide horse riding instructions to people at all levels of expertise.

The lush green natural surroundings of the riding ranches let the riders have trail rides or work in the ring. In the resort, the ambiance is similar to a resort with a relaxing atmosphere and an activity such as sing-alongs and horse riding. There are other as well where you can involve in activities like hunting.

Before you plan a holiday at a, think for a moment and carefully decide as to what kind of experience you wish from it. If you just want to have a relaxing time with no responsibilities, you should opt for resort ranch. However, if you are more of the adventure sort and would like to try your hand at some ranch activities then working will be the best option for you. Similarly, riding enthusiasts can opt for riding ranches.

Stay at dude ranches can be either annual or seasonal. The summer season is the most highly sought after time and hence the rates are higher during the summer. Winter times are more cost effective and will also give you a closer experience of a ranch due to the reduced number of visitors.

The main source of entertainment of a dude ranch is horseback riding. While at the ranch, you may take several horseback trips. Some of the ranches offer up to three scenic rides per day. You may learn (among other things) roping methods, horseback safety, and cattle penning (using your horse to lead cattle into pens). You will also learn to groom, feed, and saddle your horse.

Cattle and bison drives/roundups involve using your horse to round up herds (which you will guide to a designated area). A dude ranch that offers these roundups may also be called a ‘working’ ranch.

American Indians used to have ‘games on horseback’ (called Gymkhana), and this is yet one more thing that may be available at a dude ranch. Gymkhana horse games may include roping, barrel racing, and timed cattle penning.

Some nature-based activities that can be enjoyed while visiting this sort of ranch are bicycle riding, hiking, fishing, and bird watching.
For the tourist with a sense of adventure and a desire to taste another way of living, dude ranches are a great idea. This is the same reason why visitors were drawn to these ranches in the early 20th century. It’s good clean fun.

Do you remember the last time you looked up at night and saw a sky full of stars? If that hasn’t happened recently in your neck of the woods, you’re probably too close to the neon lights of a city. At a dude ranch, you’ll be amazed at how many stars you’ll see.

It’s also remarkably quiet. You won’t have the constant drone of traffic obscuring natural sounds like the chirping of crickets and the song of birds. You’ll be able to look out for miles and see nature and the horizon, instead of ugly shopping malls and traffic and housing complexes

Pricing for a visit to a dude ranch can fluctuate based on the amenities and activities. All meals may be included. The higher end ranch may have swimming pools, private cabins, saunas, and tennis courts. Costs can be lower if you are looking for a more rugged experience. There are usually plenty of things for children to do, or your trip may be spent as a true family vacation.