russler's ranch paint and quarter horses for sale in Wisconsinhorses for sale paint quarter wisconsin

At Russler’s Ranch, we raise quality Paint and Quarter horses.

You know how some people can look at a painting and not understand what the artist is saying, while others get it? It's that innate ability to see the things that make the total picture.

At Russlers Ranch we get it - that inherent instinct to choose a horse with presence and personality that horse people are looking for in a relationship with their animal. We have a reputation for selling safe, sound Paint and Quarter horses... for the show ring, trail or for a solid foundation built-like-a-brick-barn brood mare, that doesn't break the bank.

You won't find exaggerated claims, just well-mannered, fit horses with horse sense and a trusted partner in your quest for the right steed. This is our mission and passion at Russler's Ranch and what defines us. You'll find the right horse - your picture - for you here at Russler's Ranch.

Click on the links to see our stallion, mares, foals and any horses we have for sale at this time. It will help you to determine if our horses fit into your breeding or recreational program. Look to us for halter and performance horses, or if you just require an eye-popping trail horse. The photo album features some of our favorites horses. Thanks for stopping by!

~ Russ and Penny Wampler

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